365 days of daily drawing

Since April 28 of 2017, not one of 365 days went without a set of sketches that would depict the highlights (or lowlights) of that particular day. It was by accident that this project had started: having grown out of an idea to illustrate one day I had, eventually transforming into a year-long project.


Most of the double pages contained 6 days. Days on pages are separated by little space between them.
The project occupies 59 double pages. There are 4 – 10 days that had fit onto a double page A5 format.

In the beginning there were 10 days illustrated on 2 pages. With the project idea yet in development, it was not clear what are the events that should be illustrated. After some time only 4–6 days could fit on one double page, depending on amount of interesting events that had happened.
April 28th – May 7th
Spring 2017
May 8th – May 16th
May 17th – May 22th
After one month I have decided that I want to continue for a year: by that time daily drawing had already become an essential part of every day anyway.
During this year I've noticed a few details, which were supporting my desire to keep drawing every day.
Being confined within a certain space of a page develops an ability to notice beautiful and interesting things in your routine. A marble pattern on a wall in a subway, for example.
You start to want to do something interesting everyday, so you could draw it in the evening.
With time it's easier and quicker to visualize your events and thoughts on paper.
May 23th – May 29th
May 30th – June 6th
Summer 2017
Many pages contain not only events of each day, but also illustrations, or parts of, which I had been drawing for work. It's a way to diversify a standard day composition and to remember on what exactly I've been working during a certain period.
July 7th – July 12th
July 13th – July 18th
In order to diversify drawings you begin to find different ways to draw the same daily things. A standard weekday lunch in an Indian cafe can be depicted in different ways.
August 3rd – August 10th
August 11th – August 17th
August 18th – August 22th
It's especially fascinating to draw journeys, when you constantly get new impressions. You want to remember and capture every window, every leaf, or every breakfast. There were so many of such details, that during the trips there were just from 4 to 5 days on a single sketchbook turn.
August 23th – August 28th
August 29th – September 3rd
Autumn 2017
September 17th – September 22th
September 23th – September 28th
Daily practice develops your skills so you could draw more straight and flexible lines.
Captured events can be useful in everyday use. For example, it's easier to remember when you had had a haircut or went to buy groceries last time.
It will be fun to remember what I've been doing on any day of that year after indefinite number of years.
October 21th – October 26th
October 27th – November 1st
November 2nd – November 7th
November 8th – November 13th
November 26th – December 1st
December 2nd – December 7th
Winter 2017–2018
December 30th, 2017 – January 2nd, 2018
January 3rd – January 6th
January 25th – January 30th
January 31th – February 5th
February 6th – February 11th
March 8th – March 11th
Spring 2018
March 12th – March 17th
April 5th – April 10th
April 11th – April 16th
April 17th – April 22th
April 23th – April 28th
October 12th – October 14th, 2018
Daily drawing of this format was lasting for more than a year and a half. After one week break I continued to draw on regular bases also applying color and in a more flexible manner.
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