The Wonders
of Daily Drawing

A creative journey of keeping a Drawing Journal and gaining a better self-understanding
I illustrate my life in a Drawing Journal — a personal diary where instead of writing I capture my memories through drawing and other visual mediums. In this book, I will tell you about my experience and show how you can start your own! I believe you'll find it a great way to be inspired by your daily routine, develop your drawing skills, and remember special moments forever.
1. Choose the right materials for daily drawing
Hello, I'm Julia and for three years I have drawn my life every day.
This book was created for all ages and drawing levels. It is for anyone who feels a lack of creativity and art in their daily life. I'll show you how to:
2. Find inspiration and beauty in your daily routine
4. Use various techniques to fully express your memories
3. Build harmonious, diverse, and dynamic compositions
5. Share your Drawing Journal with the world
6. Draw daily and be efficient with your time
The book is full of illustrations, exercises, and examples which will help you to start keeping Drawing Journal
There are hand-drawn illustrations from my sketchbooks on every page of the book
There are twelve exercises that you can do right in the book. It also has a habit tracker that can help you to build the habit of drawing daily
You will also find examples of different drawing styles, color palettes, collages, drawing materials and other inspirational elements
The book has a dense paper, so you could draw and test drawing materials right here
Keeping a Drawing Journal taught me to be curious, inquisitive, and confident in my abilities. My drawing style has developed as I learned to draw better and faster.
November 2017. I started with simple outline drawings in a dense composition

See the first year of my Drawing Journal
October 2018. I started adding a little color and making the composition more spacious
October 2019. Drawings become more complex, entirely colorful with shadows, and now have a little bit of hatching
Julia Zass. The author
An illustrator and web designer
Currently working at Tilda Website Builder
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